Photography and design sponge. I love beautiful window displays, architecture, cultural cuisines, cities by water and movie trivia. I study advertising/pop culture religiously (collecting an insane amount of magazines while doing so.)

A small town country girl. However, I've lived on the east coast and close to Chicago.

Lover of literature. I have a concentration in English at UNL, studied two semesters at Bradley's Creative Writing Master's program, attend UNL's summer Writer's conference and love it when I get the opportunity to attend a poetry reading. Starting a book club is most definitely on my bucket list!

Chocolate lover. Except when it comes to cake or ice cream. Vanilla and chocolate chip cookie dough are my go-to choices in those categories.

A movie trivia guru. I've dabbled in screen writing and have a large amount of brain mass devoted to film plots, themes and characters. My favorite flicks are where comedians play serious roles (Stranger than Fiction and 23.)

An explorer at heart. When I was young, my brother and I dressed up as Zorro and Indiana Jones. Although I did play with Barbies, I was more likely to be found down by the creek with my friend playing Indian warrior princesses with our "wolf" dog (I was "Wild Flower" and she was "Running Bird".)

I love culture shock and pretending I'm a National Geographic Photographer. My first adventure outside the country was to Mexico my junior year of college. After that, I've ventured w/ my hubby to France, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong & Singapore. (Our next adventure is this October that will include: Paris, France; Munich Germany; Salzburg, Austria; and all over Italy.)

Jeremys girl. We met when I was sixteen. We are a combination of left and right brain; engineer and artist. We met at a small town street dance while he was in college and I was in high school. Six years later, he proposed to me in the Hard Rock in Paris.

Dream catcher. Some of my best triggers for coming up with ideas are going for a run or bike ride, exploring foreign places--especially markets...and for some reason, taking showers (I'm seriously going to mount a white board outside the shower curtain for when I think of the perfect idea for your shoot!)

Maximus' adopted mom. Max is our golden retriever/golden doodle puppy and is named off the main character in the movie, Gladiator. He is constant entertainment, kisses and best friend all wrapped up in one lovable fur ball.

Oldest child of four. I have two brothers and one sister who is my 10-year-apart twin. (That's what people claim, anyway.) Before she was born, my brothers and I would have praying wars because they wanted another brother--I am SO glad we are even with two and two! Sisters are good to have around--Annie is also very artistic and second shoots for me. It helps that we've got sisterly telepathy!

A wanderer. Especially in Target and stores like Anthropologie and All Saints that have crazy, beautiful window displays. When we were in Europe I became completely infatuated with the intricate designs on the windows and large doors. I really would love a lion-head door knocker!

Cook book collector. I love trying new foods and photographing food. My favorite cuisine would probably be Thai food, maybe Mexican...then again, I do love Italian...

But, thats enough about me--I want to hear all about you. There is really nothing better than sipping on a hot or cold, caffineated beverage while simultaneously sharing stories!


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