You + Me
You + Me



Once upon a time you stumbled across a girl (with a camera) who captured your happily ever after in a whole new light.


Love the feel of books while reading a novel, even though you may use your computer or iPad to read the news; love to be surrounded by real moments that take you back to times that you never want to forget; love various art and DIY projects and get excited when it comes to incorporating images to decorate your home or share with loved ones.

A photo shoot is more than taking pictures--you love the experience and showing off your talents. You appreciate all the love and care that encapsulates photography as an art form, and the time it takes to plan, sort, creatively edit, and to translate these into heirlooms. Photos transport you back in time. They create a sense of nostalgia and create a historical reference for who you are today. A photograph doesn't only exist to evolve around how you looked at a particular point in time--more importantly, it reminds you of how you felt.

You're the bride that is the hopeless romantic. The mother who wants their kids captured in their silly, crazy, sweet--and sometimes, even grumpy moods. You'd much rather have photos of them having a water fight, making cookies, wrestling one another or playing fetch with the family dog than simply smiling in the direction of a lens for all the photos. Your the teenager who longs to be heard, and is excited for what's to come. You want to show off your loves, talents and what makes you shine from within. You want to go somewhere that no one else has been.

Everyone has a unique story. Everyone has individual talents. And, sometimes there are very special landmarks in our lives that need to be documented and made part of history. I love helping you pinpoint those features and hours--then create beautiful artwork out of them.


I am an adventurer who longs to explore, and walk in your shoes for a day. I'm a dreamer who loves to walk around with a narrator voice in my head, pretending my life is a movie, kind of like in "Stranger Than Fiction"--aka: my favorite movie EVER. I don't know if I'm the main character...maybe I'm the supporting actress that helps you along in your journey...or, better yet--the narrator!

I love getting to the bottom of what makes people tick (also explains my love for "Law and Order" and "Dateline"). My style is unique in that my images work together to cause a sense of motion, and has a cinematic feel. It's crazy how one image can cause a wave of nostalgia, but when you put multiple images together (like when a groom sees his bride for the first time or your baby takes their first steps), it creates a more defined memory.

It's my goal to make you enjoy the moment. One of my favorite parts of the process is showing you the images in a series, like a movie highlight reel. Giving people the gift of looking in from an outside perspective on their beautiful lives is an insanely awesome honor (corny, I know--but true.) Everyone should be able to have their lives documented and viewed in the best light, and focused in on the happiest of moments.